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Timber Cove Peace Statue
28 November 2013

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18 July 2012

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Chico State Flame
17 December 2010

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Grapes on the vine
6 October 2010

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Bidwell Park trees
11 September 2010

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Birthday and kids
19 March 2010

Recent Comments

Devi on Peaceful Lake Almanor
Awesome shot !!

Devi on Favorite watering hole
wow a fabulous image !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elaine Hancock on Favorite watering hole
Beautiful black and white image with magnificent reflections.

B. Thomas on Favorite watering hole
This shot really works well in B&W. Good choice.

Sarah Katherine on Peaceful Lake Almanor

Ruthiebear on Peaceful Lake Almanor

B. Thomas on Peaceful Lake Almanor
Lovely in blues.

omid on Peaceful Lake Almanor
such beautiful composition, clouds, colors, lights & reflections! Amazing atmosphere!

Existence Artistique on Peaceful Lake Almanor

Hiro on Lake Almanor
nice panoramic view !

B. Thomas on Lake Almanor
Lovely panorama of this blue lake.

Existence Artistique on Lake Almanor
beau lieu

Chetan on Lake Almanor
Beautiful blue color tones

Dimitrios on Lake Almanor
super balance in this GREAT frame, LOVE IT

Devi on Lake Almanor
super light on the vast expanse of water !! Love those whiffs of clouds too! Bravo !!!!

Existence Artistique on Butterlies - Jigsaw Puzzle

Devi on Jigsaw puzzle
Nice emotions Happy S T :)

Devi on Butterlies - Jigsaw Puzzle
wow !! What a feast for the eyes!!Fantastic image !

omid on Butterlies - Jigsaw Puzzle
Lovely series!

B. Thomas on Jigsaw puzzle
Happy Silly Tuesday!

omid on Jigsaw puzzle
:) Lovely!

L'Angevine on Forebay at dusk

Anita on Forebay at dusk
Lovely composition of lights and darks.

Willem on Forebay at dusk
It's busy on the Lake Oroville, beautiful photo.

omid on Forebay at dusk
such beautiful composition, tones & lights! Lovely view! ... Happy Independence Day! :)

Steve Rice on Thunderheads beyond Chico
Wild weather we're having.

k@ on Thunderheads beyond Chico
Embracing curve is great in this compo.

k@ on Green trees by spiral walkway
Embracing curve is fine in your choice of compo.

omid on Thunderheads beyond Chico
Lovely sky!

B. Thomas on Thunderheads beyond Chico
I hear there is a real heat wave out west. We just now reached our first 100 degree day.

L'Angevine on Thunderheads beyond Chico
bien ce ciel

Ruthiebear on Campus Oak
A stunning point of view

omid on Campus Oak
such beautiful composition, colors & lights! Lovely tree!

Ehsan Hemmati on Campus Oak
nice vivid colors.

Devi on Campus Oak

L'Angevine on Campus Oak

B. Thomas on Green trees by spiral walkway
Nice framing with the curved lines.

Ruthiebear on Green trees by spiral walkway
I like that you included the curved fence in the view. It adds to the whole feeling of beauty. Nice to see you here , ...

mauro brando on Green trees by spiral walkway
Nice shot! Beautiful image

Devi on Serene Deer Creek
amazing shot ! Love this !

Devi on Green trees by spiral walkway

L'Angevine on Green trees by spiral walkway
intéressant travail

Ruthiebear on Serene Deer Creek
How beautifully you have captured the flowing water. It feels peaceful yet powerful.

omid on Mt. Lassen
Amazing view!

omid on Serene Deer Creek
such beautiful composition, colors, lights & textures! Lovely view!

L'Angevine on Serene Deer Creek
bon travail

B. Thomas on Serene Deer Creek
I can almost hear the flowing water.

Steven on Serene Deer Creek
Beautiful capture as one can hear the water flow in this tranquil composition.

B. Thomas on Mt. Lassen
This is a pretty scene but it looks very cold.

L'Angevine on Mt. Lassen

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