About LauraS

This is a recent selfie.

I live in Northern California. I work at California State University, Chico. I love the outdoors, fresh air, lake blue, pine green, and earthy brown tones. I love to see the world through others' eyes, as well as my own, and share reflections of life with others I meet. I am learning so much about myself and the world, through this AM3 community. I feel at home here with you all. Thanks for inviting me to participate. And thanks to my sister, San G. for telling me about you all. I owe her a lot of my inspiration for taking photos.

Photography Equipment

I have my iPhone with me wherever I go and you are seeing some shots from that, as well. If I have no other camera with me I use the iPhone. It captures some great moments, when the light is good. And now I can immediately synch those shots to the iCloud and edit them with ToonPAINT on my iPad, too. Such fun!

I love taking photos. I hope to do it all my life. I post many photos on my Flickr site (, Facebook page (, and some videos on YouTube (